HITESEA Workshop and Winter School



High and Intermediate Temperature Electrochemical Systems for Energy Applications

Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio, CSIC, Madrid

29-30th January, 2020


The HITESEA Workshop will involve keynote and invited contributions from renowned national and international experts in the field of ceramic membrane technology for energy applications. Further contributions will be presented from the HITESEA network members. Attendees may participate in a poster session which will run in parallel with coffee and lunch breaks.

The language of the workshop is English.



Winter School

The Hitesea Winter School will involve a series of “Master Classes” focusing on the most important theoretical, experimental and practical aspects of high- and intermediate-temperature ion-conducting materials and devices for energy applications, including solid oxide fuel cells, protonic ceramic cells, solid oxide electrolysis cells and transport membranes. Specific themes will include electrochemical measurements, structural and microstructural aspects. The classes will be imparted by experts from participating groups of the HITESEA network.

The language of the school is Spanish.


"Advance your knowledge of ceramic ionic-conducting membranes for sustainable energy "

"Learn about related theory and experimental techniques"

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