Sub-line SL1

Archaeometry and heritage of ceramics and glasses.

One of the most marked changes in the development of Social Sciences has been the recognition of the role that the study of antique materials plays in the reconstruction of the historic and cultural context of civilizations. Because ceramics and glasses are virtually indestructible, they are found in the majority of archaeological sites dating from the Neolithic beyond today and they are the most feasible remains of past ages. Ceramics and Glasses Archaeometry have, therefore, been essential in the archaeological interpretation of sites and periods and have constituted a mayor focus in archaeological science studies during the last thirty years.
Social demands of this scientific approach to the analysis of materials in historic artifacts extend towards the conservation of Cultural Heritage. The characterization of ceramics and glasses to identify their key features, raw materials and manufacturing process is a necessary starting point of knowledge for the authentication, suitable protection and restoration of the material elements of Heritage. Even more, Archaeometry provide the essential elements to establish the origin, the evolution through time and the historical meaning of the Cultural Heritage goods.
Including in the Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio actions, Archaeometry and Heritage sub-line offers to Society not only a rigorous and contrasted analysis of ceramics and glasses with the most advances techniques, but also the scientific and technological knowledge which allows to explore and recover the evolution of past methods of production and their projection in the present and future developments.