Sub-line SL2

Micro and nanostructured functional ceramics.

The Ceramic for Smart System Group possess a large experience in ceramic processing of functional ceramics which properties are based on complex micro and nanostructures. The specialization of the group is founded on the knowledge of physic and chemistry phenomena associated to interphases in ceramics. The research activity in the last years crystallize by the development of concepts as particle surface modification that originated the studies of grain growth control, grain boundaries engineering and nanostructure ceramics. Recently these knowledge resources were translated to the nanoparticle and nanocoating fields where the new class of Interphase Magnetism arises. From a technical analysis, the capability of the group members to establish correlations between the classical triad processing-micro(nano)structure-properties allows the group to obtain information to design new functional materials. The knowledge and technology transfer experience of the group powered the basic research studies and allows the line to pursuit the translation of new materials into industrial devices and applications.