Sub-line SL1

Phase equilibrium diagrams of systems with ceramic interest. application to materials design and preparation of bioceramics and high temperature structural ceramics.

This research sub-line is developed in the Group for more than 40 years. The research activities of the group are fundamentally supported on the Theoretical and Experimental Study of Phase Equilibrium Diagrams, research area of basic interest in which the group is a pioneer in our country. This sub-line is dedicated to increase the basic knowledge in the thermodynamics, synthesis, processing, properties and service performance of ceramic materials. Nowadays, the group is the only one with this profile in Spain. Researches related to phase equilibrium diagrams of high temperature ceramics are conducted in the group since more than 40 years ago. Works in the field of bioceramics for bone engineering and guided bone regeneration, which applied the knowledge on Phase Equilibrium Diagrams, were started in 1991.
The group cumulates more than 10 years of experience in the use of techniques based on diffraction of synchrotron and neutron radiation for real time studies of solid state reaction and transformation mechanisms. The scientific results have allowed the Group to be granted with basic projects funded by national and regional R&D programs for the design, formulation and preparation of new materials. Besides, applied research, oriented to solve technological problems of the industry (ceramics, refractories, glass, cement, steel, energy, etc.) is carried out with the support of public technology-based projects (CDTI, PROFIT, PETRI).
The international relevance of the group is illustrated by its continuous involvement in the Framework Programs of the European Union which demands scientific and technological excellence from the participants. International actuation includes, as well, participation in bilateral agreements with European Union and Ibero-American countries. More than 50 % of the papers published by the Group have been done in collaboration with researchers of foreign institutions. The international character of the group activities is further reflected in the staff, which comprises a foreign permanent Intermediate Specialist Technician and three foreign employees.
Training and formation of human resources is another important concern of the group. Spanish and foreign students conduct their PhD Thesis, Master Degrees, training courses and research stays under supervision of the members of the Group.
The singularity of this group also implicates its participation in consulting and technical assistance in the fields of ceramics and refractories.