Research Line L2

Advanced processing technologies for structural and multifuncional ceramic materials and systems.

The line name refers to its focusing research in advanced processing technologies for both structural and multifunctional ceramics. The line gathers together three sub-lines with different ceramic materials and applications. The research activities in each sub-line are conducted within a classical approach of processing-structure-microstructure-properties relationships in which a high degree of specialization and a high international recognition have been already reached. The design, processing and properties evaluation are the key points to develop ceramic materials having technological relevance in the traditional and innovative industrial ceramic sector.
The sub-lines have in common the tailoring of properties thorough improved ceramic processing and microstructure control. The basic knowledge is the basis in which the sub-line strengthens their technical skills. The large expertise in phase equilibrium diagrams, structural analysis, colloidal processing, shaping, microstructural development and properties, among others, allows the sub-lines to afford the study of a large variety of ceramics with specific properties.
Bioceramic, electroceramics, functional, refractory, structural and traditional ceramic applications takes advantage of the capabilities of the line An increasing collaborative work among the sub-lines will work in the direction of reduce the differences in research funding and knowledge transfer actions, as well as the average research age and the sub-line size. The nanoparticles, nanocomposites and nanostructured ceramics capture the general attention of the line because they offer an important field of opportunities for understanding the main chemistry and physical parameters to promote new properties.
Based on the understanding and control of new properties the line will take advantages to emphasize the knowledge transfer.