About us

The Institute of Ceramics and Glass (ICV) is one of the 130 centers belonging to the Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). The ICV is forms part of the Area of Science and Technology of Materials, CSIC. The mision of ICV is to generate scientific and technological knowledge in the field of ceramic and glass materials.
The R&D projects developed at the Institute are funded by the Spanish National Research Plan, the European Union Framework Program, the regional programs (Madrid). The ICV has a strong interaction with the Spanish industry, being this another important funding source through private contracts.
The ICV regularly organizes courses, workshops and seminars for students, researchers and technicians. The course entitled "Specialization in Ceramics and Glass," which takes place every two years 1997 in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous University of Madrid belongs to the PhD excellence training program of this university. The Institute also provides technical assistance, documentation and library to other centers and industries of the ceramic and glass sector. In the same building the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass (SECV) has its administrative headquarters. The SECV is a nonprofit association whose mission is the outreaching of science and technology related to ceramics and glasses.